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woe to my playstation 2

After spending like... woah two hours? Yeah, two hours, damn. So after looking for way too much time than it should have, I totally want to play all of Kingdom Hearts again >: I want Birth by Sleep too, it looks rather epic. [DAMN NO PSP.. and the game isn't even out yet for me to even just steal Stev's to play it] So many things that shall hinder me from doing all this.
Here's why! : PS2 not really working, its modded.. all I have are my Japanese versions [Stev still has my English first one ... and the voices scared me too much in the Second to play my sister's version. And hell, I want to play the Final mixes anywho. Oh wait, I'd have to listen to the English voices anywho, damn you Japanese people!] My sister's ps2 lacks the awesome abilities to play these games. DAMN. I have to work on AX stuff. I have to finish commissions. Holy hell, do you realize how many other games I have left to finish? I still have gamecube games not touched. [URG I just realized I can't finish the ps2 games! NOOO PS2 COME BACK TO LIFE!]

I need more systems, games need to come out. I still want to play Dissidea, I don't think I got to when Stev brought his. I think I just stared at Jennella playing it o-o! But yeah.

... ahaha, this is my first post in like so long. Maybe one day I'll recap things, but nothing has gone on ever [still have no job really, still lazy and retarded. Yeah, Fanime happened]. But would anyone even care? xD
I could post art... or something. Ha... haha. I updated my website? I went to Disneyland today ~

... ha.

.... urg.

OhSNAP, I can have a life again!

sorry for the page stretch but whatever, my wall is fucking awesome man :D

Been avoiding aim and most of the internet - except Gaia and LJ are addicting.. and ff.net - and most people, places, things [my poor cat D:] but now I'm free, FREE! I don't think it's going to hit me until January when I don't have to register for classes. I somehow managed to graduate with Honors, have no idea how, and got some random offers for work at my Grad Show and also some at our speed dating Recruitment day - well, kind of for that but some people seemed interested and we'll see how things go after the holidays and such.

This past week has been crazy in itself, finishing up classes and homework and then having to put up my grad show wall in like a day - no sleep on that day - and then two days of presenting it. One day for industry and then the next for family and friends. I ran out of business cards, two sets of buttons I had made and my promotional material. I feel bad but people tell me it's a good thing - again, those offers which were pretty cool. So, things have been cool and it was awesome to graduate with a lot of the friends I made at school these past 4+ years. Hope we keep in touch because then it would be sad if we didn't - thank goodness for facebook and email and phones and all that jazzy stuff.

Aaa, I think I'm going to sleep and play video games for a week before I start doing anything again, I need to get ready for ALA in a bit so lots of art to produce for that.. lol. Also need to get working on my website, updating it with art and also just everything - including chiri's page and insomniac ... also need to finish the mugendaiINK page. So much to do still after getting done with an overwhelming load. Such is life it seems xD
I'll show pictures if people want of graduation or my wall... or my art. Yeah xD

mmm... cuddling with kitty ~

edit: why did the top text get cut off? DDDDDD:


Tim Burton is doing his own version of Alice in Wonderland - and .. sticking to the book? - and NO ONE TOLD ME? ;o;
Alice's outfit is so pretty! I can't wait to see what the Queens look like, though confused with their naming as they're labeled as Red Queen and White who would be in the Looking Glass but not Adventures in Wonderland. Huh, will see how things go [but yaay, Anne Hathaway!] Not sure what to make of Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter. It's fitting, he looks interesting but... also interesting with raising the eyebrow and going 'huh D:' Weird.

need to color ~ @___@


Finally, I can get on with my life and not have politics shoved down my throat anymore.. or as much and yelled at for not "rocking the vote."

I watched House all day ... though did watch Indecision 2008. Was entertained.

In like.... close to a month I graduate, I'm afraid still ;o;
and still trying to kick myself into drawing. Getting better but still as lazy. damn. But I'm getting my portfolio together. YAY ~

the end of geass

I'm almost afraid to actually watch the last episode of Geass, because I know I'm going to start ranting out loud and cry. I downloaded it, read the livejournal spoilers and then went back to bed for like half an hour xD

I know you fucked up the story, but ... wtf? Can I have my snowglobe ending?
I'm sure its not all bad, but what was bad was just... ;o; Lelouch.

... I still love you though Geass, my series of crack.
and I originally woke up early to do some homework before work and I'm too stunned to do it. Oh the control television has over me ~

edit: Two hours later, finally watched it. I'm honestly not as disappointed as people made it out to be. It ... was actually somewhat decent, somewhat expected but I still cried like a baby. Lelouch ;o;
But wtf is C.C's NAME? Dx

Wow, it has been a while

Was meaning to post about summer stuff, about conventions about failed attempts of getting an internship and thus getting a job at JoAnns [yay, happy place!] but I got lazy, busy and the time passed and do I ever actually manage to get those done? HAHA, no. So, I'll do a general recap and then proceed on my way to a blurb of now.

. Fanime? Awesome, like always. Feet hurt, damn shoes but damn I loved my Lacus dress. Too much time spent on masq stuff, blah. Want to enjoy cons.
. AX? Okay... didn't really get to spend much time there and I am a little sad but mostly for missing out with friends :\
. ComicCon? rather win, got to see Kubo and get his autograph but too many lines, didn't really feel I got to enjoy the con as much as I should have. Three days, I felt like all I did was be in line. Fur pants are really hot to wear x__x But, also got autographs from John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd. HOTNESS <3

other stuff? Had to put Sammi to sleep this summer, the previous one we put Nikki to sleep which means .. all the cats I had since I was like 6 are now no longer with us. Sadness, now its so quiet, like we have no cats at all T___T
Maui was... I dunno, weird this year. I think the two weeks previous were a little much so it was a little boring. But, I'm not going to complain that much.. its Maui. I got super cute sunglasses that I should not be allowed to touch, but my sisters and mother were a bad influence so I bought them. HAHA, I own super cute expensive glasses now x3
I can't think of what else I did during the summer besides work o__o

So now? Been having fun making livejournal icons when I'm bored - haha, I have 33 now - and graphics. Should be working on my portfolio but... its hard to motivate myself to do art when I wasn't kind of doing anything for five months. I hope it'll kick in. urg. I'm graduating this term, SCARY. But, managed to get it so I'm only taking three classes; an independent study with Ricardo, portfolio design and creative perspective. I hope things won't kill me but I'm doing a horrible job so far with managing my time. uuuurg. I got Painter X though, its super fun :B
and teevee? of course I watch tv, I love tv. I haven't been paying much attention to anime, or Japanese related stuff besides Code Geass [ my glorious crack that has transcended into the land of wtf, with one episode left to transcend into EPIC], Kamen Rider Kiva [kamen rider, gah addicting stuff] and Soul Eater. But, yeah. House [fuck, forgot to make House icons.. I'll do that later], Heroes [OMG LOVE] and new series Fringe [LOVE!], and Project Runway which I haven't been loving this season so much.... I think I was spoiled by the last one.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhm. think that's its, now I won't feel so bad with doing random craptastic entries now. huur. yeah.

Aaaw D:

Didn't get Pixar, but I still have Disney and Dreamworks to hear from and Cartoon Network a second time. I have to call them again to let them know I can receive credit and stuff. I'll do that tomorrow morning ~

Pixar would have been so awesome, but hey... I had a small chance anywho after all ^__^;


Today was my fantabulous first round interview with Cartoon Network for an internship for the summer. I think I did okay, but its not like I did awesomely. Aa, how I fail at interviews, tongue-tied and nervous. I really hate when people ask the questions of 'what are words to describe you' and 'what are you best and worst qualities,' I hate these.. I don't think about these things ... I just think I'm here and just there and nothing much of a good or worst, I'm just blah xD; Yar. I'm hoping it didn't screw me over much, but hey.. interview.. first round. I should be hearing next week if I get to go to round two which could get me closer to a possible internship somewhere.
Haven't heard from Disney - sadness - or Dreamsworks or Pixar, and Pixar is at the end of the month *weep*

Other things. Finally have a pretty pink Haro who I think scares the green one, if that is all possible. Pink-chan is a lot more sensitive to noise and movement and when it reacts the green one is like 'waa!' and just makes a sound of wtf-ness. Its good times ~ And with Haro go to Lacus dress and I think I'm going to be taking off the skirt part once again .. and trying something else to get the weird folding action she has going. Found a tutorial/idea online which I'm going to try ... oh how I hope I don't just fuck up this dress.

I'd cry.... there would be much weeping in a corner since I have three weeks left to finish it. I should work on the pattern on her dress. gar @__@;

And yaddayadda, thus is the life of Kim so far. Waiting and trying to sew things and defy gravity with fabric. Ah ha ha ha.


and this friday is Iron Man! YAY 8D


YAY! Free form probably my favorite term ever of school, I was so happy with how things turned out. Lite terms for the win. I sent my portfolio to Pixar today, it turned out decently but I think I could have formatted it differently, aa well. I'm just hoping they get it allright or I'll cry over the hundred dollars I spent to over night the things - though, I still try for spending a hundred dollars for overnighting the things, I guess its my MAJORT punishment for waiting so long. arg. thankfully I don't have to ship to other studios since I can drive to them.

yadda. I'm tired, and sadly my strawberry daiquiri is hitting me.. I'm such a cheap date D:

A new record!

I hit the 48 hour mark of not sleeping, I think I hour nap negates the time now.. which would be leading to like 50 or something and then crazy more hours since I'm still going to be long awake for the rest of the day and tonight. I can't believe I'm coherent ... and standing, I'm getting chills though... I'm taking that as a bad sign.

I got a B in Costume Design though, totally not expected since my Resource Book wa a bit horrid but I'm none-the-less very pleased with it. Hurray, one class down two to go and one is going to be complete today .. and then I get to spend even more hours completing things for tomorrow. And hey, maybe I'll post some things, or maybe even *gasp* use DA xD My poor website is so neglected. I think that will be added on my things to do list as well, work on my own website along with mugendaiINK's and.. wow, Insomniac needs to be updated too, good god that thing hasn't been touched in ages.

rambleramble.. printer needs to go faster @__@


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